Thursday, February 28, 2008


Golden Lights at left. I like the fragrance.

Northern Hi-Lights at right....

Silver Sword Azalea

Northern White Lights at right.......

'Girard's Fuschia', (below), brightens the eastern shady side of our property.

Orchid Lights below.....
This fellow is a surprise acquisition as it had a different label on it, but we will be keeping it to work in another area. We are still waiting to confirm its identity as there are conflicting suggestions.

The Rhododendrons

This Rhododendron was one we inherited when we purchased the property. Needless to say, with the number of rhododendrons we have added, there needed to be a more perfect spot than where it previously lived, so it has been recovering its vigor over the past couple of years and gave little in the way of indication around what it might actually be labelled as until now. It is one of the latest to blossom forth in our garden, coming out at the same time as the irises and peonies, along with a number of early clematis displays. The bush has tentatively been identified as Tapestry, however, I am not satisfied with this label as the blotches are lighter than those I see on every example of Tapestry I find online.........the search is on.

Hoppy at left

macrosepalum Linearifolium at right is an unusual rhododendron in that it has very spidery structure, both with foliage and flowers.

Ken Janeck just starting out above.

Ken Janeck in full bloom shows no pink, here at right......

Wren, a tiny bush with big flowers; quite a contrast at left.

Mission Bells

Holy Moses.
This was an unexpected color and we hope it will fit with the tulips around it.

Olga Mezitt at right....

'Black Satin' to the left.

' Starry Night' here at right.

'Unique' at left.

Augustine Hobbie' is at right....

At left is 'Cream Crest', which I have had to move a couple of times as the bright colors of the daffodils have been washing out the color to make the bush invisible.

'PJM' at right is one bush of three. This was a major blow in that where we planted them, something was wrong with drainage, (near a tree stump), and only one bush has survived from last year.

'Seta' is a new addition to our garden this spring, (2008), and is the first to blossom forth with the crocii.

At right is 'Solidarity'

Left is 'Dreamland'

'Francesca' is right. I will have to try for better light this year. It is one of the latest bloomers in our garden.

Blaney's Blue.......I love the blues, as you may be able to tell.